5 Reasons Why Flossing Should Be A Part Of Your Dental Hygiene

Routine dental hygiene mainly consists of brushing their teeth twice a day. If not, gargling should be enough for some people, which can lead to oral health problems. Brushing the teeth twice a day is still not enough because brushing alone cannot clean the hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, making the teeth more vulnerable to plaque build-up and gum diseases. Flossing is an essential part of a dental routine to improve gum health and prevent gum diseases from worsening. Below are a few reasons why you should include flossing in your dental routine:


  • Enhances appearance – Flossing not only improves gum health but could also improve your oral appearance. When plaque sits longer on the mouth’s surface, it can lead to tartar formation, which can be evident in the outer part of the teeth. That’s why flossing is an integral part of routine dental hygiene.


  • Minimize the chances of having gum disease – One of the early symptoms of gum disease is bleeding gums. When a person is experiencing gum disease, this can only mean that harmful bacteria have already infiltrated the gums. When this happens, gum disease can significantly progress, such as periodontitis.


  • Reduces the chance of developing cardiovascular diseases – The mouth is also known as the window to the overall health. When a bacteria has already infiltrated the system, it can develop into a disease that may be hard to encounter, such as heart disease. Plaque and tartar contain harmful bacteria that can contribute to the development of these diseases.


  • Lessen the chances of tooth decay – Flossing removes and cleans the mouth’s hard-to-reach areas, especially when there’s a food particle stuck between the teeth. When food particles are trapped between the teeth, it can lead to plaque which will then progress into tooth decay.


  • Flossing can freshen your breath – Most people might think that it is impossible to achieve a fresh breath. Flossing can improve the quality of your breath by removing plaque. A fresh breath does not always equate to an odour, but it could be a normal odourless breath.


The benefits, as mentioned earlier, are just some of the benefits of flossing, but if you add on the most important part in maintaining your oral health, which is visiting your Calgary dentist, you can maintain a healthy smile and body. Combining regular dental hygiene and routine dental checkups is important to safeguard your smile, keeping them fresh and healthy.


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