How Does Sugar Affect Your Oral Health?

Sugar is present in many foods and beverages because it adds more flavour and sweetness to make it more flavourful. Consuming sugar is important and completely normal, like any other flavour that adds a taste to the dish or drink. However, it is important to limit your sugar intake just like any other flavours you want to take.

Below are a few ways of how sugar might potentially harm your oral health.

  • Your mouth is a battleground of bacteria – The majority of what you put into your body enters through your mouth. It is because of all the food and drinks you ingest through your mouth. It serves as a battleground for good and bad microorganisms. Each time you eat sugar, these bacterias produce more acid, which eats away the enamel on your teeth.
  • Changes in acidity in your mouth – Your saliva protects you from these harmful bacterias, but eating a lot of sugar means there’s more acid than your saliva can handle. Acid attacks on your teeth cause a mineral loss in the enamel, the protective coating that surrounds your teeth. This acid weakens and dissolves the enamel over time, resulting in a cavity.
  • Bad germs are attracted to sugar – Sugar attracts the microscopic bacteria that cause gingivitis and gum disease, in addition to developing enamel-eating acids. These disorders can cause your gums to recede from your teeth and destroy the protective tissues that hold your teeth in place.
  • Solid sugars and their effects on teeth – Sugar can be found in a lot more foods than you might think. Sugar can come from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, and honey, but also in conventional food such as chips and cookies. Foods with a lot of white processed sugar are especially bad because they create a sticky film on your teeth that is too strong for your saliva to wash away. Brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and dental cleanings are the only ways to remove this residue. While all sugar consumption should be in moderation, frequent snacking on high-sugar foods increases the amount of time your teeth are exposed to the acids’ dissolving effects, resulting in tooth infection.
  • Sugary foods and drinks cause tooth decay – Sugar is present in so many foods and beverages you consume that eliminating it from your diet may seem impossible. You can start with the most damaging type of sugar, processed or refined sugar, in candy, ice cream, potato chips, pre-packaged snacks, and soda. Eat more foods high in fibre and protein to build healthy teeth, such as nuts, cheese, and leafy greens.

We understand eating sweet foods can boost our mood and make us feel better and more satisfied. Here at London Square Dental, your affordable dentist in Calgary, we help you have healthier oral health regardless of the consumption of sugars. Our Children’s dentist will provide preventive dental care to you or your child with dental sealants and regular dental cleanings. Give us a call today at 403-291-4945 to book an appointment. We would be happy to accommodate you!

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