Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is a procedure in which a dentist or doctor examines your mouth for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions. Oral cancer screening aims to detect mouth cancer early when there is a better chance of a cure. Most dentists will examine your mouth during a routine dental visit to check for oral cancer. Some dentists may use additional tests to help identify areas of abnormal cells in your mouth.

Oral cancer screening is applicable without the risk of mouth cancer for prevention and health purposes. Nonetheless, based on your risk factors, you and your Airdrie dentist may decide that an oral exam or a special test is appropriate for you.


Oral cancer screening aims to detect mouth cancer or precancerous lesions that could lead to mouth cancer at an early stage when cancer or lesions are easiest to remove and cure. However, because no studies have shown that oral cancer screening saves lives, not everyone agrees on the benefits of an oral exam for oral cancer screening. Some organizations advocate for screening, while others argue that there is insufficient evidence to make a recommendation. Oral cancer screening may benefit people with a high risk of the disease. Oral cancer can be caused by several factors, including:


  • Tobacco is used in any form, such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, and snuff.
  • Too much alcohol consumption
  • A history of oral cancer diagnosis
  • Significant sun exposure history, which raises the risk of lip cancer

The chances of having oral cancer have increased significantly over the last few years, including acquiring a particular virus called ‘human papillomavirus,’ commonly known as HPV, a sexually transmitted infection. If you are worried about your risk of oral cancer, you can visit your Edmonton dentist, and they can help you recommend an expert when an oral cancer condition has already worsened. An oral cancer screening does not need a lot of preparation since it is a part of a routine dental check-up.

What can you anticipate during an oral cancer screening?

Your dentist in Airdrie will examine the inside of your mouth for red or white patches and mouth sores during an oral cancer screening exam. Your dentist will also feel the tissues in your mouth with gloved hands to check for lumps or other unusual textures in the mouth. The dentist may also look for lumps in your throat and neck.

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