What You Need To Know About Calgary Root Canal Treatment

There is a common misconception about root canal treatment, especially regarding removing a tissue known as ‘pulp.’ Many people believe that it’s a painful process and often shy away from the idea of getting this procedure. However, an anesthesiologist will be available during your appointment to administer anesthesia and prevent any pain or discomfort during the treatment process.

As your trusted Calgary dentist, our team at London Square Dental will conduct a comprehensive dental exam to see if you are a candidate for root canal therapy. Not everyone qualifies for root canal treatments, as you need to have a complex dental issue, such as an infection that’s already reached a specific area of the nerves in your tooth, to qualify. Simple problems, like toothache, would require a different procedure. That’s why it’s essential to get routine check-ups at your dentist in Calgary.

What Should You Consider Before Getting Root Canal Therapy?

Although it’s vital to consult a dentist in Calgary if you’re concerned about the condition of your teeth and gums, it’s also crucial to keep track of your dental health and well-being on your own as well. Here are things you should consider before consulting your dentist for a root canal treatment:

  • Intensive pain while chewing should be a valid reason for you to have a root canal treatment. If you are experiencing pain while chewing, it could be one of the early signs of having an infected tooth.
  • A pimple on the gum, also known as “gum boil,” can also be an indication of an infected tooth. Gum boils develop because of infections such as plaque and cavities.
  • When you have an increased sensitivity towards hot or cold food or drinks, this can also signify you need a root canal treatment – as increased tooth sensitivity can occur because of a broken or chipped tooth, tooth decay, and gum disease.
  • Discoloured gums or darkening can also be one of the reasons to consider having root canal therapy because this might indicate a deep decay that will cause you a lot more pain later on.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Root Canal Treatment?

  • It eliminates the infection as well as the pain that you have been feeling.
  • It can help preserve your natural tooth, so you don’t need to worry about a missing tooth.
  • It can help prevent the spreading of infections to your neighbouring teeth.
  • It keeps your jawbone intact because removing your natural teeth can also cause your jawbone to deteriorate.
  • It can help you save more in the long run since tooth fillings are more expensive.

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