What’s Causing Your Tooth Discolouration?

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White teeth are linked to prosperity, youth, and self-assurance. Unfortunately, hardly many people are born with a white smile. In addition, several things influence the shade of your teeth. Because several factors contribute to yellow teeth, over-the-counter whitening treatments won’t give you the desired results if you’re embarrassed by stains and discoloration. What you need to know to figure out what’s causing your discolouration and how to get your pearly whites back is as follows:

What are the primary sources of yellow teeth?

Teeth naturally come in a range of hues and tones. Teeth can change colour over time for various reasons, which is normal. Teeth that are grayish or blue, which develop from within the tooth and are more challenging to treat, are less frequent than teeth that are yellow or brown. Thankfully, depending on the underlying cause, which may include: teeth that appear yellow, are easier to treat.

  • Enamel loss – The tough outer covering of your tooth, called enamel, shields the inner layers from damage. Despite being the toughest material in your body, it gradually becomes thinner with age due to wear and tear or vigorous brushing practices. Yellowish material will become more apparent when the enamel erodes, giving the impression that your teeth are darker. 
  • Oral hygiene issues – Plaque and tartar can build up on your teeth if you don’t floss or clean your teeth twice a day. It might eventually result in discolouration. Although improving your oral hygiene practises won’t eradicate the stains, they can help avoid further buildup and common oral health problems like tooth decay.
  • Poor habits – The main cause of discolouration is smoking. It is well known that tar and nicotine discolour teeth. Stopping the habits will protect your smile from more stains.
  • Dark cuisine and beverages – Because your enamel is porous, particles from foods and beverages can slip into tiny holes. Consuming foods and beverages with dark colours regularly might leave stains. If you must have your morning coffee or glass of red wine with supper, rinse your mouth with water afterward.

Whiten your teeth to renew your smile

Avoid wasting money on over-the-counter remedies if you’re not satisfied with the colour of your teeth. They won’t impact brown or yellow teeth because they don’t include professional-strength whitening ingredients. To get the dramatic improvement you want, you must see a cosmetic dentist in Calgary instead. Stop hiding your teeth now. You can get the white, youthful smile you want back with help from your Calgary cosmetic dentist, and you’ll be proud to show it off to everyone.

Here at London Square Dental, we offer teeth whitening procedures to help you boost your confidence and give you a brighter smile. Call us at 403-291-4945 to book an appointment today!

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